Devil May Cry Review

This game inspired from the devil may cry series has tied down the attention of gamers around the world. It is not only about vanquishing your enemy or being the last man standing but rather, much focus is given to how you do it. From numerous stunts to the technical ambidexterity in making your kills with a sword and gun, Devil may cry 5 has just about everything you need. Chapter 5 is the latest of the franchise, and their best so far, comprising fun and satisfying story with some awesome combat moves in video games.

Game Intro

Devil May cry 5 starts with a conventional storyline, in which you find yourself in a battle that you are doomed to lose. Dante stays behind to fight the demon Urizen, allowing other characters Nero and V to escape (V is a new character). After this scene, the game takes you back a couple of months before, and you play the story of the past from thereon. This story explores the powers and background of V, Nero, and the demon king Urizen’s rise to power.

The game’s storyline is littered with theory after theory about the identities of V and Urizen, and in all honesty, the underlying story of those two characters adds a new dimension of discovery to the game, especially that of V. He has a vague identity, with clues littered all over different times of the story. The plot would get you hooked all the way.

Excellent Combat Style

For those who are looking to get through the game on normal difficulty, there is an auto assist mode that automatically performs combos. However, using this would make you miss out a lot on a whole new level of action. With simple on the surface controls, the game assigns different functions to different buttons. There are separate buttons for your devil breaker, technique or cane attack (for V), melee attacks, and ranged attacks.

Dante’s moves are very familiar because of his longevity throughout all devil may cry games so far, in fact, he moves almost like the devil may cry 4 counterparts. He can switch between different styles; royal guard, trickster, swords mister and gunslinger, and has 4 melee weapons, and 4 ranged weapons. He even has a combo move that crashes a motorcycle into enemies and then splits into two heavy-duty swords against during the combo.

Nero, on the other hand, has tools like the revivable Red Queen sword, grapple, chargeable blue rose handgun, and a series of powerful and unique ability devil breakers. Devil breakers are disposable mechanical arms that provide the character with different abilities.

The moves and skills of character V are completely different from any other character seen in the game. He barely does any fighting himself, but rather relies on three familiars to fight on his behalf. They include; a black cat called shadow that can morph into blades of different kinds, a bird called Griffin that is air domicile and fires electric blasts, and a humongous beast called nightmare that can only be summoned when V builds up his devil trigger meter.

V’s familiars cannot kill any enemy. They only beat them till stupor, after which V has to be used for dealing the finishing blow with his cane. To make things easier, he teleports to the exact spot of the enemy. V is the least powerful of the trio and has the easiest missions. Using the character adds a new layer of skill and background story that has never been seen in previous chapters.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of DMC5 is nothing short of amazing, and also has awesome sounds. There is a charisma that flows with each character moves and animations, whether it’s Dante’s annoying teasing of bosses or Nero’s powerful sword attacks or V’s eccentric nature that adds a touch of mystique to is character. The background environment, however, is not very detailed, and the puzzle orientation has also been turned down compared to subsequent versions. More emphasis was given to skills-based combat challenges, like for example, you would have to hit a wall several times before it crumbles. There are also secret rooms hidden across the game for you to find. You just can’t help but fall in love with DMC5.

Difficulty and Gameplay

The settings and overall game difficulty of the devil may cry game 5 game breaks the duck on their reputation of being too difficult. Averagely skilled game players can easily survive the default difficulty setting. Also, when you die, you can easily revive your character on the spot with a gold orb, which is not rear to find.

The action in this game is in how your enemies are executed, not just killing them. This makes up for a lack of difficulty. While playing the game, you will jump at every single opportunity to purchase an upgrade and aim all your kills in the sss combo rank.

Final Words

Devil may cry 5 is easily the best of the video game series. It has the most compelling and indulging storyline, the best compact mode and skill set, and also blends 3 amazing characters into the story.